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We exercise a holistic approach in ensuring sustainability within and outside the organisation. It begins with a mindset geared towards top performance and excellence, followed by the creation of a dynamic workplace to foster innovative thinking, the aim to conserve the environment and lastly, to support the communities around us.

This holistic approach revolves around four key pillars:


      A culture of innovation and high performance

    In embracing high performance and innovative thinking, we ensure the best in our products and deliverables to build trust among our stakeholders and employees. Our work is guided by the highest occupational health and safety standards.

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Innovative and High-Performance Culture

      Dynamic workforce

    A diverse mix of employees from various backgrounds and experiences ensure a dynamic, well-balanced workforce geared towards the same goals – to help us shape a better organisation.

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Dynamic Workforce

      Environmental stewardship

    Our global initiative towards minimizing our carbon footprint and energy consumption is practiced across all three core businesses. This includes the use of renewables, recyclables and practices that lead to conserving the environment no matter where we operate.

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Environmental Stewardship

      Nurturing the community and society

    Our drive to succeed and thrive is matched by our sincerity in being part of the communities that surround us and making them feel a part of our Group. Whether this is achieved through charitable donations or volunteering, we take the wellbeing of our communities seriously.

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Nurturing the Community and Society



In summary, our sustainability goals are for UMW Holdings to be financially strong, fortified with sustainable businesses, high performing and innovative, and to add value to our stakeholders and communities. These practices ensure that our Group continues to be the leading players in our chosen industries.


Our goal is to be an organisation that excels in everything that we do, and embodies excellence as the foundation to further build and enhance our products, capabilities and to remain relevant in the next 100 years.