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As a testament to our stand in promoting good corporate governance practices throughout the entire Group, we are pleased to introduce our Whistle Blowing Policy. This policy recognizes its workforce as trusted, valuable members with voices that hold the conglomerate accountable to its commitments, ethics and its professionalism.

FAQ about our Whistleblowing Policy:

What is whistleblowing?
Whistleblowing can occur in two settings. The first is when good values performed by any individual or bodies within the Group are shared or remarked upon. The second is the reporting of any form of concern regarding any situation or individual associated to the Group that affects others.
When should I whistle blow?
You can whistle blow at any time that is convenient for you. There is no set deadline or time limit for whistleblowing.
Why is it important to whistle blow?
Whistleblowing is crucial in helping to promote a culture of disclosure and transparency, which reflects the Group’s firm stand on accountability. It is also an important process in providing closure and resolution to any form of concerns raised by the whistle blower and cultivates the sharing of good values and practices with others.
Will I be protected as a whistle blower?
Any report made via the whistle blower will be treated with the highest level of confidentiality and will neither victimise, recriminate, discriminate or disadvantage the reporting party. The whistle blower will be protected against retaliation or exception.
What channel can I use to make my report?
We Care provides a channel for employees to raise issues relating to mismanagement or abuse of authority, corruption, fraud and other malpractices that place both the internal staff and the public or environment at risk.

For more information about our whistleblowing policy, send an email to [email protected].

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