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UMW Industrial Power Services Sdn Bhd (UIPS)

UMW Industrial Power Services Sdn Bhd (UIPS) primary business activities are the sale and service of industrial power products including air and gas compressor, diesel engine generator sets (genset) and marine engines. UIPS is also the sole distributor for DESMI RO-Clean Oil Spill Response Equipment of Denmark. The company has made positive inroads to Government agencies, O&G sector and port authorities as its potential customers.

In 2016, UIPS started distributing Coltraco UK’s fire-monitoring system, which measures the quantity of the suppression agents in cylinders.

At UMW, we seek to provide a flexible, broad approach and product range when it comes to marine and power equipment. With UMW Industrial Power Services Sdn Bhd, we are able to provide focused attention to the sale and service of gas compressors, diesel engine generators and marine engines. As the sole distributor of renowned names such as DESMI, Mitsubishi, CompAir, SDEC, Honda Power Products and through strategic business alliances with well-known multinationals, this subdivision has established a firm foothold in government agencies, the oil and gas sector and port authorities.

UMW Industrial Power Services Sdn Bhd specialises in industrial compressors, generating sets, power products, turbine generators and oil spill control equipment, to name a few. This division is powered by our specialist engineering team and world class manufacturing facilities with the best oil spill control system in the industry. The company tailor-makes product designs and systems that can survive even the most gruelling environment, including the Artic.

Industrial Compressors

For more than 40 years, UMW Industrial Power Services Sdn Bhd has played a key role in responding to the exacting needs of clients in the Industrial, Marine and Power Equipment industries, ensuring customer satisfaction through an all-inclusive approach including the design, installation, manufacturing and after-sales support of industrial compressors, generating sets and power products.

Mitsubishi Marine Engines

Manufactures high performing diesel engines that have been designed not only to comply to the latest international emission standards, but also meets the requirements of various international classification societies, including those in the top 10 list of 2018 such as ClassNK, Bureau Vitas and the American Bureau of Shipping. Mitsubishi engines are designed to perform in a variety of applications, from fishing boats to passenger ferries. To date, Mitsubishi has supplied more than 200,000 marine engines.

Industrial Standby Generators

With over 30 years of experience and mastery in the business of generator systems, it is no surprise that Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is a name that readily comes to mind for clients seeking high-quality and reliable generators of the 480 to 2030 kVA models and diesel generators of the 25 to 2000 kVA variety. The range of products also extends to medium speed diesel engines for industrial and power applications.

Honda Power Products

Apart from its established presence in the Industrial, Marine and Power Equipment industries, UMW Industrial Power Services Sdn Bhd has secured its position as the sole distributor of Honda Power Products in Malaysia and Brunei, providing a series of top-quality general-purpose engines, brush cutters, generators, water pumps and power tillers. These products have passed quality, reliability and durability tests with flying colours, and have proven to be economical and environmentally-friendly.

Oil Spill Equipment

When it comes to recovering delicate ecosystems such as the marine and island environment from oil and chemical spills, DESMI Ro-Clean has both the best manufacturing facilities and the most renowned and proven oil spill control system in the industry. It provides key equipment and specialist systems that have been used in all the major oil spill response operations around the world, with a highly-skilled engineering team responsible for the custom design and manufacture of solutions for most applications, even in the harshest environments, including the Arctic. This company also offers equipment consultancy services including audits, providing contingency plans and identifying operational gaps, specialised training and International Marine Organization (IMO) certification.

Kohler Authorised Distributor

UMW is an authorised KOHLER distributor, and that means we offer total system integration. From diesel and gaseous generators to transfer switches, switchgear, controls and all related accessories, we ensure every part of your power system is engineered to work together. Whether you own a small business, have rental needs or are in charge of backup power for a large facility, such as a hospital, data center or water treatment plant, KOHLER generators have you covered. Even after your KOHLER Power system is installed, look to us for all your service, parts and maintenance needs.