UMW showcases ‘Dunia UMW’

Kuala Lumpur, 15 Sept 2011 – The UMW Group today unveiled “Dunia UMW”, a first-of-its-kind in the corporate world. Built around the concept of merging 3D imaging with reality based entities, ‘Dunia UMW’ is designed to provide an extensive virtual experience of some of UMW’s key facilities. Provided with near-perfect 3D models based on actual plans, presenters and visitors alike can now immerse themselves in a virtual environment with sight and sound; you have freedom to move and interact in real-time interaction using pre-selected 3D Avatars using simple click-and-choose options.

In “Dunia UMW”, visitors will have the ability to freely move around, observe, interact with the environment (view videos and other reality based content), and vocally communicate with UMW hosts as well as other visitors, in real time. “Dunia UMW” probably marks a first for any corporation to showcase its facilities and infrastructure using latest cutting-edge technology – a technology opined by Jim Blascovich and Jeremy Bailenson’s in their new book, “Infinite Reality”, as being available only within the next few years.

Access is simple. Visitors make an appointment with the UMW officer who will revert with an email confirmation and a secure link to download the program to their PC. The program once installed provides the engine which creates a secure link to the UMW Server. On the appointed day, the visitor using their assigned USER ID and PASSWORD, selects an Avatar for themselves (the virtual being) and enters “Dunia UMW” for a tour accompanied by one of our Virtual Ambassadors who will be on hand to receive and guide you.

The first phase of “Dunia UMW” mirrors a number of facilities including UMW’s Reception, Lounge, and Meeting Facilities, the Hallmark Lounge and Discussion Rooms, as well as our gallery of history – UMW GaleriKu. Visitors who arrive at our virtual reception and lounge areas get a near-life visual experience of being at UMW’s headquarters in Shah Alam with the tour of GaleriKu providing a rich informative overview of the company.

The next phase in the pipeline is the recreation of key UMW operations which is expected to include 3D virtual creation of one of the Group’s oil and gas exploration rigs, car assembly plant, car body paint shop, and possibly a pipe manufacturing plant. Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak launched the preview of ‘Dunia UMW – A Virtual Walkthru’ at this year’s Minggu Saham Amanah Malaysia held at Stadium Indra Mulia, Ipoh, Perak on 20 April, 2011.

UMW’s project applications development partner is Axis Three Dee Studios Pvt. Ltd. of Kolkata, India, a 3-D simulation company. Axis Three Dee is Intel’s Associate Partner.

Dunia UMW’s cyber ‘Corporate Networking’ platform, Dunia UMW incorporates many new cutting-edge features. Visitors can experience the sensation of view their reflections and shadows on polished floor tiles and mirrors as they would in reality. The 3D Avatars allow easy movement using the arrow key on the keyboard to move around. Personal interaction in virtual space include the ability to greet others real-time by verbal communications as well as through more traditional body movements including bowing and shaking hands. All of this is made possible with sophisticated backend technology that packages both the communications and security in an integrated application that allows you to experience Dunia UMW from the comfort of your home or office anywhere in the world, using today’s basic computer configuration with an internet connection.


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