UMW Plants 1,500 Trees with JPNS

Sepang, 6 Apr 2013 – 30 volunteers from UMW’s volunteer programme planted 1,500 trees at an event jointly collaborated by UMW, the Selangor Forestry Department (JPNS), UMW Toyota Motor, Perodua, the Selangor Water Management Authority as well as the Sepang local municipal council. The mangrove rehabilitation programme was held at the mangrove coastal of Sungai Pelek in Sepang. The event was also to commemorate World Earth Day which falls on 22 April 2013.

Last year, 50 of UMW’s volunteers along with its partners and the local community had managed to plant 1,500 trees around the same area. It was reported by the Selangor Forestry Department that 90% of the trees are growing healthily.

Sungai Pelek is known as a stopover and feeding area for various species of migratory birds. It is also an important buffer area for rivers against natural disasters including soil erosion, hurricanes and tsunamis.

Apart from its obvious ecological benefits, a mangrove forest can absorb 50 times more carbon than a tropical forest of the same size, making it a crucial ally in the fight against climate change.

As an extension of UMW’s CSR efforts, its employee-volunteer programme known as the UMW Community Champions has clocked more than 11,500 hours in service to the community since it was launched in 2009.





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