UMW Goes Off-road With Children From Pusat Jagaan Curahan Kasih Sayang Ikhwan

MARAN, 5 April 2015–UMW brought joy to 15 children from Pusat Jagaan Curahan Kasih Sayang Ikhwan as they ventured together into the woods of Hutan Lipur Jerangkang, Pahang. The programme, which is a collaboration with 4 Wheelers for Charity (4W4C) aimed to educate the children on the beauty of nature by experiencing it themselves.

For the first part of the programme, all volunteers from UMW and 4W4C worked together to build a new pipe from the river to the public toilet as the original pipe provided was destroyed by the flood. The volunteers then held a fun game session with the orphans in which the children played to their hearts’ content.

After lunch, the volunteers proceeded to escort the children to Jerangkang Waterfalls, a 10- minute hiking journey from the base camp where the children and volunteers spent time playing in the water. The volunteers were then presented with a Qasidah performance by the children.

Apart from that, the 4W4C team also took the chance to allow the children to experience the thrill of riding in a 4WD vehicles as they took the children on a drive across rivers and bumpy roads in the forest. The event ended on a happy note as all the volunteers accompanied the children back to their home in Temerloh, Pahang.

4W4C is a non-government organisation that uses 4WD vehicles as a medium to help the community by doing charity work in areas that can only be reached by 4WD vehicles.

This programme is part of UMW’s continuous effort to support the community which is one of its three pillars; community, education and environment.





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