ULI Unveils Locally Blended Repsol Products

Shah Alam, 13 Mar 2011 – UMW Lubricant International Sdn. Bhd. (ULI), the official distributor of Repsol lubricants today unveiled Repsol’s locally blended products and announced their strategic business plan to penetrate target markets both in Malaysia and regional markets.

Together with Repsol representatives, Mr. Jose B arreiro (Repsol Lubricant Director) and Ms. Teresa Martin (Repsol Lubricant Regional Manager), the joint venture was promoted at the “Dealers Conversion Program” held at the Concorde Hotel in Shah Alam today. UMW’s Executive Director for Engineering and Manufacturing Division, En. Megat Shahrul Azmir, announced that they have identified a number of dealers which will be appointed by ULI to carry the Repsol brand name in order to make it more accessible and competitive in the target markets.

He explained that given Repsol’s renowned quality and world championship branding, they have been approached by numerous established dealers who wish to carry the Repsol brand range of products. Such demand in-itself speaks volumes of this premium international brand.

“Nonetheless we have been selective with our appointment of dealers and hope to expand our network year on year, to meet with the demand and growth of the volume for motorcycles and passenger car sales in Malaysia” said Megat Shahrul. He added that a total of 300 dealers have been appointed to-date and the network is expected to expand to more than 500 outlets by the end of 2012, including in East Malaysia.

Repsol is one of the world’s top ten private oil companies in terms of size and is known worldwide for its involvement in the motor sports industry, especially the MotoGP which it promotes via the Repsol-Honda Team and its 2011 World Champion Casey Stoner. Although the brand Repsol is synonymous with motorcycle lubricants, the brand also carries a wide range of products including passenger car motor oil (PCMO) and other industrial lubricants.

“We are introducing Repsol’s range of passenger car motor oils from synthetic to mineral base formulations. We are also proud to announce that the full ranges of the Repsol lubricants are blended locally at our plant in Shah Alam.” declared Megat Shahrul.

He added “The blending of these oils at our plant are operationally supervised and overseen by Repsol Spain. By virtue of this close working model, ULI can guarantee that the quality of the product is not compromised. Further with UMW’s experience in the lubricant business, we believe that we have a good platform to understand market sentiments better in order to promote Repsol products.”

Repsol’s reputation in the motorsports industry and its success in continuous research and development of new lubricants with improved efficiency is well established. UMW Lubricant International is confident that by the end of 2012, along with its many marketing initiatives, ULI’s dedicated sales and marketing team is targeting to capture at least 4% of the market share in the local market and secure Repsol as one of the leading lubricant brands in Malaysia.

Megat Shahrul reiterated that since the introduction of Repsol in the Malaysian market in June 2011, sales has been very encouraging. UMW’s proven market strategy and the attendant growth in the sale of these lubricants in the passenger car vehicles, motorcycles and diesel-powered engines is clearly reflective that Repsol, though a new brand, has manifested its presence in the country.

Mr. Jose Barreiro, Repsol Lubricant Director, who was also present, said that the measures taken and planned by the UMW Lubricant International to promote and expand the Repsol brand into the Malaysia and regional market is indeed exciting.

He commented “Just like last year, the MotoGP in Sepang this October 2012 shall be an eventful year in Malaysia for Repsol. I am sure that the locals will be in full support of Repsol-Honda team, particularly Casey Stoner, our 2011 MotoGP Champion”.

In conjunction with the upcoming MotoGP in October, ULI has lined up numerous activities and events including pre-road shows as part of its many marketing and promotional strategies to further expose the Repsol brand.

Repsol currently has a large market share in Latin America, Middle East and North Africa. Mr. Jose Barreiro is convinced that the alliance with UMW Lubricant International will support and facilitate Repsol’s international expansion plan including penetration into the Asian market.

For further details on UMW Lubricant International Sdn. Bhd. and Repsol products, please log on to www.repsoloil.com.my





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