Presentation of Quality Environment Awards / 5s Certificates and Launch of The UMW Kaizen Programme

Shah Alam, 12 December 2013 – The UMW Group announced that several companies under its stable have been awarded the Quality Environment Awards / 5S certification by the Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC). The certifications indicate the strong commitment and determination of the companies to enhance and improve their processes, in tandem with the Continuous Improvement Programmed (CIP). A total of 45 business locations under UMW Industrial Power Sdn. Bhd., UMW Equipment Sdn. Bhd., UMW Industries Sdn. Bhd., UMW East Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., UMW Oilpipe Services Sdn. Bhd., UMW Engineering & Pvt. Ltd. Singapore and the Group Human Resource Division have achieved this recognition.

In 2011, UMW’s Training & Development Department had introduced the CIP Framework which contains five core programmes, namely 5S, Kaizen, Suggestion Scheme, Total Productive Maintenance and Lean Manufacturing. CIP is a result-driven programmed that not only provides systems for cost management measures, it also aims to heighten excellence in work culture. The planned initiatives are to be implemented in three phases over a six-year period.

Next year, the focus will be on Kaizen, which will be KPI-based, structured and systematic. The Kaizen Programmed will act as a mechanism to improve the Group’s daily business workflow by focusing on eliminating waste in all systems and processes. This will optimize operations and lead to better cost management for the Group. This programme has also been identified as a key initiative in UMW’s 2014 Business Plan. UMW is training and developing its people to improve their ability to meet expectations of high quality, low cost and on-time delivery.

UMW continues its partnership with MPC in its pursuit towards Organisational Excellence. MPC’s position as the leading organisation in productivity enhancement will assist UMW by sharing its expertise on productivity enhancement models, talent development through training, system development and best practices, as well as audit & assessment, certification and convention. This strong alliance is a key success factor as UMW strives to achieve the Prime Minister’s Industry Excellence Award (PMIEA). In this journey towards PMIEA, UMW will prepare itself for certifications through the Malaysia Business Excellence Framework. The presentation and launch ceremony was officiated by Datuk Dr. Rebecca Fatima Sta Maria, Secretary General, Ministry of International Trade and Industry and Dato’ Mohd Razali Hussain, Director General of MPC.

About UMW

The UMW Group is an international conglomerate that develops industries, manages partnerships and facilitates growth. It is involved in four core businesses – Automotive, Equipment, Manufacturing & Engineering, and Oil & Gas.

Adopting its rallying call – Beyond Boundaries®, UMW is set to play a leading role in shaping the future of its industries globally. The Group will do this by inspiring vibrant ideas, nurturing potential, pioneering partnerships and delivering excellence in everything it does; the rewards of which will contribute to the progress and well-being of its stakeholders.





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