In adopting the rallying call Beyond Boundaries®, the UMW Group aims to amplify its leading position at home, while growing its presence in the global arena.

Beyond Boundaries® is about eliminating all barriers – be it geographical borders or the boundaries of our minds – to achieve greater heights in all that we do. Going Beyond Boundaries® is a part of our corporate DNA, as throughout our almost century-long history, we have always sought to expand beyond the perceived limits of our business.

The UMW Group’s journey Beyond Boundaries is guided by our 4 Core Values:

  • Honourable
    Our enduring commitment to integrity and trust.
    We build trusted relationships and behave with high integrity, resulting in quality products and services that stand the test of time.
  • Vibrant
    Our contagious energy and appreciation of fresh thinking.
    We start each day with fresh thinking and use boundless energy to fuel growth and deliver new solutions for our partners and businesses.
  • Unshakeable
    Our unwavering resolve and commitment in everything we do.
    We go forward with determination and perseverance in the face of any obstacle, building a strong foundation for success.
  • Pioneering
    Our visionary approach to developing and shaping our industries.
    We challenge assumptions and lead the way with bold ideas that shape our industries and make things better.



Did you know? 

The current UMW Logo was unveiled to the world in 2008, reflecting a refreshed and rejuvenated UMW Group, ready for the next step in its evolution.

Our logo is based on the letter U, from our name, and also symbolises unity. At the same time, our logo design and colour are vibrant and dynamic, as it speaks of bold transformation and endless opportunity; of moving towards greater heights and going Beyond Boundaries®.