UMW Technology Sdn Bhd

Female, Age 50, Malaysian





  • Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) in Political Science, Brock University, Canada


Membership of Associations

  • None


Date Appointed to Management Committee

  • 23 September 2014

Working Experience

Fa’izah Mohamed Amin spent 17 years in TM Berhad, holding diverse key leadership roles before joining UMW on 1 April 2014 as General Manager, Group COO’s Office. In December 2014, she rose to become the President of UMW Technology Division, a division that she established. Technology Division was mandated to facilitate the UMW Group to venture into the technology industry sector, uplifting its position as an industry player. She also leads the Group’s digital initiatives.


Fa’izah spent much of her career participating in key nation building initiatives, propagating technology as a necessity for the future of Malaysia. Among the notable projects under her credentials were National Internet 2.0 deployment in Malaysia, the country’s 1st Internet Exchange (Eastgate Hub) and Malaysia’s 1st National Public “Cloud”. She was also an early “evangelist” of SmartCity technology in TM, where she led a group of Malaysian technologists to develop “Madinah Knowledge Economic City” infrastructure and commercial blueprint in 2009.

Directorships in Public Companies


  • None



  • None


Interest in Securities of the Company and its Subsidiaries

(as at 31 March 2018)

  • None