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UASB Manufactures and distributes filters, plastic engineering products and spare parts for various automotive and industrial applications. UASB expanded it is replacement parts product range with the introduction of GEP-brand batteries and timing belt set GEP is UMW’s in-house brand, developed to provide high quality replacement parts at reasonable prices.

Among the products and parts manufactured by UASB are Air Filter, Air Cleaner Assembly, Cylinder Head Cover, Integrated A/C & CH Cover, Air Intake Manifold, Brake Reservoir, Oil Filter, ATF Filter, Carbon Canister, Fuel Filter and Cabin Filter.


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UMW Advantech Sdn Bhd (12635-H)

Jalan Utas 15/7

P.O. Box 7052

40915 Shah Alam

Selangor Darul Ehsan

Tel:  +603 5163 5000

Fax: +603 5510 4381