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UMW’s expansion into the premium Asian lubricants market is driven by its strategic partnership with Repsol YPF Lubricantes Y Especialidades, S.A. (Repsol). Under a principal agreement signed with Repsol, UMW Lubricant International Sdn. Bhd. (ULI), a wholly-owned subsidiary in the UMW Group, will have exclusive rights to blend and distribute the premium range of Repsol lubricants for the automotive industry across Asia. The area of coverage includes South East Asia Region, China Region and Indo-China Region.

UMW’s strong presence and knowledge of regional markets coupled with our expertise in lubricants manufacturing technology will help promote and open new markets, launching REPSOL’s established brand of premium lubricants products into the Asian market. Repsol, a well-established name in Europe has a strong foundation in the motorcycle lubricants sector via its long standing association with MotoGP. For the automotive and industrial sector, it carries a wide range of lubricant products for passenger, commercial vehicles, and industrial use.

Direct imports of Repsol products are being marketed in Malaysia with promotions in Singapore, Brunei, Papua New Guinea and Myanmar being done in planned stages to build a new premium platform since 2011. UMW has a strong presence in the regional market, providing a strong platform for Repsol to grow. ULI then started with locally-blended products in 2012 under strict Repsol supervision and quality control. Through strong collaboration, Repsol now has more than 300 outlets with 39 main distributors appointed throughout the nation and looking to expand towards the region as a market leader.

China’s lubricants market is the second largest in the world. It offers a huge potential for expansion for UMW and Repsol. To exploit this opportunity, Lubritech Limited, China, a subsidiary of UMW, commenced importing and selling of Repsol lubricants in March 2011. Repsol products are currently sold by more than 30 distributors in China Central and China South with the distribution network expanding to 120 distributors in 2012. The new blending plant in China commenced blending of Repsol formulations in April 2013, providing a direct supply line to the provinces. Locally-blended products are currently being sold in China in 4, 18, and 200-litre packages.



Repsol is Spain’s largest integrated oil and gas company with principal operations in Latin America, the Middle East, and North Africa as well as and other operations in over 30 countries in upstream, downstream and LNG businesses.

Racing technology has become part of the image of its range of auto lubricants with international prominence in racing events such as the MotoGP. Over the years, Repsol has developed and established itself as a premium brand in the global arena with an aggressive R&D arm that is continually providing cutting-edge technology solutions.

Repsol’s range of lubricants is in direct competition with major global premium brands and it continues to strive for greater market share with a strategic initiative for global expansion.



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