USpark is a co-working space designed especially for technology and media startups/companies that choose New York as their market base. It is UMW Technology’s first foray in North America and will also serve as a catalyst for the Group to further its interests in technology.

Located in the prime area of “Bryant Park”, which is within walking distance to the “Union Square” in New York, Sparks Lab offers workspace and the biggest “Founders and innovators” network in the world. It is said that being a part of Sparks Lab, a Founder will never have to undergo business launching or expansion alone because Sparks global community will be there to provide support their members’ journey. Sparks Lab is also a powerful platform for startups and founders to have access to venture capitalists and raise their visibilities for investment potentials. It is also a space where you would have the opportunities to meet serial entrepreneurs that has made impact in the industries, to leverage on their experiences that had led them to success.

Asian startups, led by both public sectors and private investors, have taken the advantage of Sparks Lab to access global market experience, network and even cross-continent investment opportunities. Indonesian and Korean entrepreneur programs were amongst the graduates of our Sparks Lab.

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