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The world today has begun to enjoy the best of the Internet Revolution, which has brought the connectivity of almost everything that surrounds us. Today, we are able to socially connect to anyone, almost anywhere in the world and at any time that we want to. We are also able to make simple predictions regarding trivial but important aspects of our lives, like the traffic that we go through and even the state of our general health, all because of technology. All these capabilities are enabled by the IoT, which has brought technology so close to us, to live our lives.

Driven by our mission to participate in building a better world, we focus on investment interests in technologies that are developed to serve the infrastructure of IoT. Our primary concentration is on the sectors that produce technologies for Network, Cloud and Cybersecurity. Software-driven network and the Big Data are the types of technologies that fit into our technology investment interest. Together, these technologies serve the need to connect everything that surrounds our lives and expand the capabilities of IoT.

UMW Technology’s investment is stage-agnostic, which allows us to participate in companies at any stage of development from venture and all the way to investments for market expansion. Backed by the UMW Holdings Group, a multinational conglomerate with a global presence, UMW Technology is able to assemble expertise that brings familiarities and insights from international markets, which would facilitate our portfolio companies to achieve global market understanding and presence. We believe that our approach would enable our portfolio companies to grow, make a meaningful impact in the exciting IoT world and ultimately, provide financial returns to shareholders.