Vision: to be world class manufacturer for automotive parts.


Automotive Industries Sendirian Berhad (AISB) is the Leading OEM maker for Exhaust System & Reinforcement Instrument Panel.

AISB is committed to R&D and a culture of excellence. AISB’s permanent R&D partnership with Sankei Industry of Japan began in 1985. In addition, AISB has implemented the Toyota Production System (TPS) initiatives to boost efficiency. AISB is also partnering with 7 TA partners; mainly global exhaust makers from Japan & USA for technical development of exhaust system.

In its quest to attain world class manufacturer’s status, AISB has Operational Excellence Initiatives Campaign. Since then, AISB is on track to achieve improvement in its targeted areas – reduction of defects, reduction in customer complaints, minimising downtime at customer’s base, excellent customer audit and internal audit, better human capital controls, smooth introduction/transition of new models, cost reduction, control and reduction of excess stock and minimising accidents at the plant.


AISB continuously conducts in-house quality tests on its exhaust components.


Strategy towards improving competitiveness :


  1. Increase in-house production
  2. Improve efficiency through Toyota Production System (TPS)
  3. Intensive cost reduction programme plant-wide