Assembly Services Sdn. Bhd. (ASSB) is a subsidiary of UMW Toyota Motor, the local assembler of Toyota passenger and commercial vehicles. The advanced facilities and professionally trained experts meet the demands of Toyota’s global standards. Our investment in human resources and facilities is a continuous endeavour. This allows us to contribute to the development of the automobile manufacturing industry in Malaysia.

Export of Hiace vehicles to Thailand started in 2006, and this is a clear indication of the widespread preference towards our made-in-Malaysia Toyota vehicles, even outside of Malaysia.


Delivering Quality

The legendary reputation of Toyota vehicles for reliability is the result of Toyota Motor Corporation’s passion for quality and focus on customers. At each stage of the manufacturing process, we take every step to ensure quality is secured. Besides that, ASSB applies the renowned Toyota Production System which produces vehicles efficiently and of sound quality, one at a time.

We have instilled the Quality and Kaizen mind-set amongst our employees following the Toyota Way culture and values. This enables us to continue to provide our customers with quality products and services that Toyota has long been known for.

Our Toyota vehicle quality achievements have been recognised by the JD Power Survey for Initial Quality Study (IQS). IQS serves as an industry benchmark for new vehicle quality, both in design and production quality. The results of JD Power Survey for IQS are a testament to our consistent achievements in meeting the mark of good quality and design innovation.